Fact Checkers are Paid to Silence Conservatives


And that’s not all according to a foxnews investigative report, 60 million dollars went missing from black lives matter, no one can reach them for comment, & their head quarters that’s listed on their 501c nonprofit is a fake address. Not one black life was helped by BLM. Let that sink in.

Who is George Soros? A  Deleted 60 Minute Video 

Bill Fucking Gates

Together Charles Schwab, with Bill Gates and many others globalist cultist have orchestrated the most elaborate scam of “covid-19” see Bill Gates tax return Here( bill gates tax return) Where he funded over 30 million into covid 19, billions in vaccine research and millions to the Who and world economic forum. They created a virus, and the cure. The motive, they are making $200 million dollars a day since covid started. In addition they have stated numerous times they need to reduce the population because of global warming. However there is no such thing as global warming.

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Bill Gates fund Fact Checkers

Follow The Money

We Pulled their tax returns, and also their most recent return, not surprised Vanguard is listed as an investor. Black Rock and Vanguard pretty much own the world, These are the same people pushing “Reform” and have promoted and even wrote books about “The Great Reset”.

They are also behind the Climate change hoax, Covid -19 hoax, race wars, and my favorite “eat bugs, live in a pod, you will own nothing and be happy. They are the architects of the New World Order agenda. Don’t believe me? One of the board members for Vanguard wrote a book about it, its called “The great Reset- written by Charles Klaus Schwab “, It doesn’t get any more transparent then that.

Microsoft is owned by Black rock & Vanguard who own pretyy much the whole world

Microsoft is owned by Black rock & Vanguard who own pretyy much the whole world

Here is the link to Microsoft Share holders

While the rest of us have suffered through this scamdemic with barely any funding or aid from our own government, They have been given large amounts of Covid CCP funding, and are funded by tax payers in addition to all this money,  the Majority of their funding comes from questionable far left sources- George Soros Society Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, Google, Tiktok and the list goes on.

The pockets are extremely deep of the global oligarchs, they have been planning this for a long time, & a lot of people have been paid off.
Google Pledge 6.5 Million to fact checkers,Google Donates 6.5 Million to Fact Checkers heres a list of Facebook Fact Checkers  

Bill Gates, has also bought several properties in my city (Tampa, Bay) as an aim to turn Florida blue, also interesting Poytner institute moved its headquarters to St Pete as well, and PBS who also is situated in Tampa, was recently was under fire for its woke agenda, Michael Beller its principal council and Senior staffer, made alarming comments such as ” we should take republicans kids and put them into re-education camps” Seen here.

Though he has since been fired for that incident. PBS Still is posting woke radical content which involves anti-white hate, Drag queen parades and drag queen story hour & teaching kids pronouns. PBS has a plethora of children shows such as sesame street, Arthur ,Daniel Tigers Neighbor hood etc.. For a full list click here.

The Cream City Foundation CEO and judge funded Drag Queen Story Hour's Milwaukee chapter.

The Cream City Foundation CEO and judge funded Drag Queen Story Hour’s Milwaukee chapter.

If you watch any of their shows you can see they very much are re-educating kids and its absolutely disgusting. Even worse, Brett Blomme Cream Cities Former CEO was arrested for child porn Charges, Most recently this pedophile was granted unsupervised visits with his kids with his male partner. Reuters another George Soros and bill gates funded fact checking site, falsely claimed that Brett Blomme was never associated with Cream cities foundation and or funded drag time story hour, but upon checking their public Facebook page we determined that fact check was false, and we even have picture evidence to prove it.

How it works

This is how they work, They take legit honest stories,  Especially stories that expose them and the narratives they push, and then they write a new article on their own site condemning the original legit article and claim that its false without any evidence whatsoever. They even give themselves fake Pulitzer prizes, because the people in charge of giving out the prizes are also owned by the same shell umbrella of  those companies, whom are receiving the rewards. which is vanguard or either blackrock – These two companies combined owns the largest shares in all the “fact checking sites” I just mentioned.

What’s their End game?

They are all connected and all backed by dark money rooted in evil and it extends even to BIG TECH, whom also receives large donations from these same people. Facebook for example, has some pretty conflicting ties as well, We out line them below.

But this really isn’t about politics its about the global Elite enslaving humanity, by using peoples emotions “black suffrage” LGBTQ issues and low income issues and using Trusted people in the community & turning them into cultist messengers and leader, Its about them using big tech and nefarious methods like censoring the truth, Its about us all becoming their slaves, through transhumanist bio control. If you don’t wake up & speak out.

“I think, and therefore I am”, This is my testimony, this is my Diary.

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