Less Than 1% of Abortions are Because of Rape

Less Than 1% of Abortions are Because of Rape

Less Than 1% of Abortions are Because of Rape- A peer review and social economic study found that less than 1% of abortions are due to rape

Less than 1% of Abortions are Because of Rape

A report obtained from the department of justice states “That less than 1% of sexual assault victims resulted in a pregnancy”, Furthermore we could find  zero evidence or studies that supports rape, is the leading factor in women who seek abortions. We did however find plenty of evidence that debunks the false narrative that abortions are due to rape, death etc.

Peer Review Study shows Rape is not a factor in the reasons behind abortion’s

Pregnancies derived from rape are very rare,  in fact in a peer review study provided by the government website NIH, states “that the majority of women who obtain an abortion are mostly due to financial reason’s and not rape”. The study was done in the U.S. as well as worldwide,

The data shows that women who obtain abortion’s are mostly, due to women not being economically ready, not because of rape.

pregnancy and abortion

pregnancy and abortion

The study also concludes that the majority of these women are in their 20’s. Whom continuously engage in unprotected sex, regardless of the risk of HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The CDC data suggest that the use of abortion as a method of contraceptive has increased significantly; over the years.  Some women, even getting multiple abortions per year, using tax payer funded abortion mill’s, such as planned parent hood.

The health department recommends, that using condom’s would be the most effective way to prevent diseases as well as pregnancies. A statement from the health department concluded its position on the matter and  “states condoms are the preferred method as they provide the least risk and are easily and readily available needing no prescriptions or permissions. They are also the most cost effective out of all the options.

While uncommon – abortions can also sometimes lead to death of the mother, abortions can cause permanent damage to the uterus among other complications derived from excessive surgical abortion procedures-  according to the CDC.

Furthermore in some additional rare cases,  abortion clinics who failed to remove the baby entirely, resulted in children being born with severe injuries.
This further reiterates the lack of quality these abortion facilities maintain.



The Irony behind Advocating for Mask’s, But Refusing to Wear a Condom;  HIV epidemic vs Covid19

The epidemic of aids continues to ravish through the world killing at least 570 0001.1 million per year and in knowing these statistical facts,
I personally find the irony that these same people whom advocate so hard for mask during covid19 which is curable,  wont wear a condoms at all to protect themselves from an uncurbable disease (HIV/AIDS) is beyond ignorant & simply irresponsible.

Numerous incidents caught on video have observed extremely psychotic behavior From individuals who freak out over people not wearing masks,  during covid19, a disease with  which has a 96% recovery rate. There are numerous extreme activist on the left that actively & aggressively promote masks for the healthy and safety of others,  Sometimes erupting in violent rages and psychotics out burst assaulting others and even in some cases murdering others all over a virus that has a 99.6 recovery rate.

These same people, whom are given free condoms by the health department and local free clinics; just refuse to wear them, putting others at risk.
If anything should be mandated, People should be mandated to wear a condom so that way they don’t have to get an abortion or spread HIV/AIDS.

Only 1% of Rape resulted in Pregnancy’s according to the Government site: “The Office of Justice”

The office of Justice whom is a United States Government Website who is responsible for the prevention of crime released a document ” sexual facts and statistics” In this document we obtained, it states “only 1% of women who had been raped resulted in a pregnancy”.  It further iterates that most sexual assaults are derived from incidents of domestic violence and not random acts of rape as suggested by the left. Furthermore many women whom have reported domestic violent crimes repeatedly go back to the abuser instead of seeking help. Which stems of more from a psychological issue rather than derived out of medical necessity.

Norma McCorvey lied about being raped.

Norma McCorvey lied about being raped.

Roe v Wade was passed because Norma McCorvey lied about being raped.

Roe vs Wade is an invalid ruling and the law passed shouldn’t be upheld as the key witness admitted to lying on the stand and under oath. In an ABC TV Interview she goes on air to admit that she lied about being raped, and wanted to get an abortion for socioeconomical reasons and not because of rape.  The constant narrative being spread by fringe far-left activist and democratic politicians is problematic at best.

The far left and democratic politicians continue to provide false information to its followers regardless of the facts. They have never produced any evidence that the majority of abortions are caused by rape.

NO Evidence Carrying A Baby To Full Term Could Result in Death

There is no evidence that Mortality, “death involving birth of mothers” Is the reason behind abortions either, according to the CDC data the 17% of mothers who have died from giving birth is due to underlying comorbidities and existing health problems which includes pre existing  “chronic health conditions such as hypertension,13,14 diabetes,14-17 and chronic heart disease.12,18 . Furthermore a study conducted by the NIH states that most late-term abortions are elective, done on healthy women, with healthy fetuses and not due to: medical necessity as most pro abortionist have claimed.

CDC states Heart Disease is the leading cause of Pregnancy Mortality

Most of these chronic health conditions are caused by poor diet and exercise, Obesity and heart disease remain a unaddressed factor according to the NIH which outlines the correlation in a peer reviewed study. Despite these risk of glorifying obesity,  America has adapted body positivity as the new norm.  Several Marketing, News outlets and magazines have promoted and embraced glorifying obesity as the new trend, despite the fact that the CDC data states that heart disease is the leading cause of the death in America, and remain ambiguous to these facts.

Please see other helpful articles and sites on abortion and the truth about planned parent hood.


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