The Search For The Unbiased Search Engine

The Search For The Unbiased Search Engine

The Search For The Unbiased Search Engine, Curious to see proof Google is deceptively hiding results & providing nothing but government led globalist propaganda in their search results? 

If you are awake in the matrix then you probably have noticed  that lately The most popular major search engines have emitted basically 75% of the internet.  With no search there is no way to reach the dark depths of the internet as we did before  “big tech” was big.

The Search For The Unbiased Search Engine

If you are curious to see more proof that the Google is deceptively hiding info and providing nothing but government led and globalist propaganda then a good video to watch is ” Where Did the Internet go” – by Truth Stream Media Which can be found here:  Where did the Internet Go- By Truth Stream Media

Now she seems to be pretty confused on where to search, or what search engines are uncompromised. I can tell you the one she mentioned “Duck duck Go” is compromised and can no longer be trusted.  I will share the browsers I use and the search engines I use to break through the Big tech Censorship wall.


Brave Browser

Brave browser has its own search while its not the best, Brave is awesome for blocking any kind of spyware bot ware bloat ware and it can get behind 99% of pay walls, I use brave 100% of the time and it is highly effective.


Because Brave is not really as good as a search engine as it is a browser I recommend start page, Now if you use startpage in conjunction with an uncompromised VPN one thats not owned by the hand, such as proton VPN you will be able to break most barriers on the web.



While I haven’t extensively tested this search engine, We were able to search are articles and they showed up, none of our articles or site show up on google which is the reason to not use google as it gives you only propaganda not the truth.


Tor and duck duck onion

Tor is slow but the onion route is the way to go duck duck go is completely useless unless you are using it with tor as a duck duck onion search, Tor is free and its actually what criminals use so you know that it cannot be tracked and there is a whole web of black market shit on tor.



I tested this search engine are articles appear towards the top and tend to be working quite well, I haven’t done extensive testing but its another option on the table none the less.


Meta search engines

For the Geek and Github expert Meta search engines is probably the best route but they are extremely for the geek only this is not your typical just land on a website and search you will need to set some stuff up do a little coding.  However I am a lazy coder and found some already created instances set up here:

Some claim to be open and free such as metagear but they are not, I tested this site and its completely biased. Also  they make tribute to the  cult Rainbow flag so you know they are apart of the left wing Satan cult of censorship.

This is what I have compiled so far, and I hope this will help, I will update this page as more data becomes available.


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