When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist


“When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist” The evidence you need, to fight back against gas lighting liars like Judd Legum.

When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist


Judd Legum, a left-wing provocateur, does what left wing violent extremists do best; and like the devil he is,  will try and convince you that, if you can’t prove that it’s not happening,

it’s not happening.

When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist

When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist

So therefore, I wrote “When they tell you Critical Race theory doesn’t exist”. to give people the evidence they need to fight back against gas lighting liars like Judd Legum.

Who is Judd Legume?

Judd Legum, was involved in the Hillary scandal, and helped to provide the research for the false articles of impeachment against Donald trump, Jedd Legum is nothing more than a for hire trash columnist.

Judd Legum, He’s known in the journalist world as the Jessie Smollet of Journalist.

Twitter Quote

Why Does the Left always gaslight what we already know to be true?

Wasn’t there a huge senate hearing about the FBI being called on parent’s over them exposing critical race theory?

“Everyone’s Witnessed the left trying to push CRT on all of us, So why are we pretending it doesn’t fucking exist all the sudden?”

If you have been paying attention This last decade, we all have witnessed CRT, We have seen the school board meetings of both parents and CRT activist going rounds, and Sarasota’s meeting last year was no different.

A clash between CRT activist and parents turned violent causing concern among parents throughout the state of Florida, which led many parents and leaders,  to call for tougher action on critical race theory.

What is CRT anyways and why should anyone care?

CRT is basically the fundamental foundational of race baiting training provided by false history conspiracy theorist & the race hustlers of the“1619 Project.


This group has not only made big money out of falsely re-telling history, but also wants to capitalize on these lies by selling them to the department of education, which will then, be told to your kids in in exchange for federal funding.

Does Critical Race Theory exist in Florida?

Yes it does, several news outlets in Florida have covered proof of this. Just a month ago, Fox news Orlando did an entire Piece, proving that critical race theory does indeed exists.

We also  have seen leaked documents of evidence of CRT & videos not only from schools but from colleges, employers and even television networks. Across America, we have been exposed to CRT being rammed down our children’s and are throats.

Some examples of these are “ Coke telling its employees to be less white”

Amex-  “Started a war on white people for daring to have excellent credit”

The movie’s: I Am Not Your Negro, Karen
and the show’s “ Dear white people, & Woke,  just to name a few.

How are you not noticing White people being replaced in every aspect of our everyday modern lives?

Is it not CRT (diversity and inclusion) that has removed essentially every single white person from commercials, to movies and tv shows.

Is it not diversity and inclusion that has essentially removed all white people from the work force? CRT & Diverity and inclusion have basically ostracized white people from society and has turned white people in two racist lepers.



With Big tech playing defense and offense for leftist, much of the information is tightly monitored and obscured. Past, Present and any information that would support any conservatives’ factual claims is quickly removed.

We have seen them change definitions of words in dictionaries, Change live search results and even changed scholary books including medical journals to appease their woke leftist ideologies.



These bags of tricks used by leftist, we certainly are no stranger too, Double standards, Projecting, Gaslighting Mirroring are all narcistic tactics used by the left.

Searching for the facts is only harder, but not impossible, Google has only made it harder for the ignorant and indoctrinated.

Google’s algorithm was designed to comfortably validate their confirmation bias, not actually provide them with fact’s.

So where is all the Critical Race Theory Evidence then?

In addition to Google’s shenanigan’s The left have found other ways to creatively hide Critical race theory, So don’t think for a second,  Critical Race theory is made up or just disappeared into thin air just like covid did. ????

No, It didn’t go anywhere, it’s simply been rebranded and remarketed under a new woke term. Depending on the state it could have many different names or terms. We list the ones we know below.

However no matter how many times they change the name or re-word it, it still manifest under the same ideology, which send a message of anti-white semitism, that white people are culturally bad and systematically oppressive.

Here is the Evidence of Critical Race Theory

Critical Race theory Time line

After  the death of Trayvon martin, Dangerous Marxist groups emerged, One we are very familiar with is BLM.

Black lives matter is a disgraced terrorist organization whom called upon millions to burn the country down and riot in the name of race hustling and stole millions from its doners, bought lots of mansions and now is nowhere to be heard from.

Then gave rise to the 1619 project, which is not at all the same as BLM but, BLM adopts the practices and beliefs of the 1619 project and vice versa.

While the 1619 project is named “ the 1619 project its actually the Story being told in the Critical race theory curriculum.

The 1619 project has a major deal with one of the largest publisher’s, “Penguin Random House” who has published thousands of books based on the 1619 project. Those books largely end up on school book shelfs and libraries. And speaking of libraries they are woke too.

The same Publisher who’s content was rejected for CRT by the Florida public school system.


Critical race theory was Rebranded shortly after its inception mainly because of the backlash and optics it received after being caught trying to pass ant-white racist laws which involved segregating students and teaches white kids they are born racist.

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Meme

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Meme


Although DEI has been around since the 1960’s it isn’t your grandmothers inclusion training.

When it was mentioned back in the day that a company was diverse it meant that it had a good mix of employees that were of all races.  Americans used to want to include everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion a Mere front for CRT

Equity and inclusion most recently added wants to exclude white people or limit them because black people are disadvantaged and wants to make sure all white people know they aren’t really welcome by telling them things like “ be less white” or take up less space.”

Its been uncovered time and again, In work places and in schools  Diversity and inclusion is being used as a cover for CRT.
Diversity and Inclusion being used as a front for CRT

Other Fringe Marxist groups

Other Fringe Marxist groups  such as Zinn education Project who have strong Marxist and CRT Ideology may be flying under the radar but actively conducting CRT training and passing out curriculum in your school as they were caught in this florida school.

Critical race theory has bills introduced In almost every state to make it mandatory, its mandatory in most public universities already and even at places where you may work.

For example In California under assembly bill 46, 101 its been rebranded as Civics and ethnic studies, they even are proposing a youth like Hitler group to hate white people. Called “Youth Empowerment Commission”

That’s Just in California alone, you can look up the bills on CRT, Civics, ethics whatever the choose to call it here.

See all current CRT Bill’s Introduced by State

Commie Core

I also want to mention “commie-core” otherwise known as Common Core was created on the basis of CRT and that learning needed a equitable approach.

When common core failed to accomplish what it was set out to do, a more progressive initiative was introduced (CRT).

Of course, CRT has many fancy names but the BS is all the same, So no CRT critical race theory is not some made up Right-wing conspiracy theory, its very much real and alive and its created by the same people whom are claiming it doesn’t exist


Inconclusion I want to leave you with some facts:

Critical Race theory has already been Debunked

The lie that someone how America or white Americans are oppressive or all racist has already been debunked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2esl0yVFXE

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When They tell you Critical Race Theory doesn’t Exist

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